Xi’An Sino – Italian Fashion Town

Description of the project

The International Community’s Sino-Italian Fashion Town of Xi’an is an innovative platform that gives Italian and local brands the opportunity to reach a target of Chinese consumers particularly interested in fashion, creativity, technology and sustainability. The Fashion Town also offers young designers and SMEs the opportunity to create and exhibit their collections in selected spaces, to access potential distribution channels, marketing services and the latest technologies in the fashion sector.

Although the main office of the project is in Xi’an, the main coordinator of the operation, Chic Group, one of the most dynamic Chinese realities in the world of commercial real estate, offers designers who will join, spaces in other cities like Shanghai, Ningbo, Chongqing, Hangzhou, etc. in which local and international creative talents will be able to exhibit their creations to an audience of buyers and end customers.

Role of Chic

Mandated by the local government, Chic Xi’an is responsible for the research and involvement of fashion and technology companies for the Italian, international and Chinese fashion sector and facilitates their establishment within the project, ensuring facilitated policies and operational support in the initial phase.

It is also in charge of supporting the subjects involved for the strategic planning phase and facilitating all public relations operations between government subjects and businesses, through the organization of delegations and visits both on site and abroad. Chic works as general contractor to supervise and manage the project, especially in its operational phases.

Institutional Partners
Xi’an High Tech Zone Management Committee

Fondazione Italia Cina


Xi’an, High Tech Zone

3,1 km²


The Sino-Italian Fashion Town creates opportunities for international companies and Italian Small Medium Enterprises in the fashion sector and operating in technology or services for the sector to enter the Chinese market