As the Group operational headquarters, Chic Italia offers tailor-made solutions for both Italian and Chinese companies, pursuing investment and internationalization opportunities in the two markets. The company also collaborates with Italian and Chinese government agencies and business associations to involve them in commercial and institutional projects. Chic Italia team consists of professionals guided by creativity, strategy and experience and provides strategic consulting services for institutional communication and PR to entities that want to strengthen their reputation, develop their brand and new business opportunities. Through the support of IBA (International Business Alliance), the specialized unit focused on institutional PR and marketing, customers are offered the tools to be successful in their sectors by building strong relationships and positively influencing their target audience. Chic Italia creates and promotes internationalization opportunities for Italian companies of any size in China (and Chinese companies in Italy) through an innovative integrated approach.

• Bilateral government support Range of services for interaction and access to Italian and Chinese governments. Creation of commercial opportunities both in Italy and in China through government agencies. Opportunity for the governments of Chinese cities to establish representative offices in Italy.

• Business Development and Matchmaking Identification of companies potentially interested in expanding their foreign presence, specifically in the production and commercial sector, research of business partners and placement of the customer within several government projects operated by Chic in China.

• Project Management Management and coordination of Chic Group projects in Italy

• Promotional Event and Hosting Organisation of events, cultural and tourism projects to unite and strengthen the relationship between the two countries. This includes hosting and coordination of delegation visits and organisation of b2b events and meetings to help the promotion of various business activities.

• Trading services between Italy and China Export to China (or Italy), distribution on the local market through directly owned online / offline stores or partners network.