Nanjing Lishui Sino Italian Innovation Town

Description of the project

Chic Nanjing is the promoter of a project linked to innovation: an area dedicated to research and development located in a strategic position in the city of Nanjing, within the Lishui district (adjacent to the international airport) and a place of intense development industrial, chosen by Brembo as the headquarters in China of their recently inaugurated factory.

Scope of the project

The objective of the park is to create an urban fabric that harmonises:

1. A residential and commercial area with a strong Italian value with buildings and public places on a human scale aimed at promoting social interactions and ensuring a high standard of quality of life.

2. An area of offices and research and development studios aimed at innovation and the incubation of projects and start-ups.

3. A strong Italian matrix cultural area, a scientific and cultural entertainment center will constitute an important attraction.


This government project is addressed to start-ups, Italian companies that are looking for strategic locations where to establish their Chinese headquarters, to commercial and cultural services companies interested in settling in a project in which Italian spirit is one of the distinctive features.

Role of Chic

Mandated by the local government, Chic is responsible for the research and involvement of international companies and to facilitate their placement within the project, guaranteeing special policies and operational support in the initial phase.