Nanjing Laoshan International Culture City

Description of the project

Chic Nanjing is the promoter of a project linked to the world of entertainment and tourism: surrounded by the breath-taking view of the Laoshan Park (the park of the «Old Mountain»), it consists of a very innovative touristic cluster of 34 km². The concept was inspired by Nanjing city’s history and traditions, which will be strongly enriched by the mix of culture, nature, shopping experience and entertainment options that the park will provide both to families with kids and adult visitors.

Scope of the project

The scope of the park is to create a tourist complex based on the integration of several elements:

1. An amusement park dedicated to one of the Italian myths of speed, for adults and children.

2. An amusement park for children.

3. At the entrance of the park a large commercial area including shops, craft shops and restaurants: a buffer zone connecting the natural park and the theme parks.

4. An area dedicated to hospitality with a diversified offer to meet the needs of different tourism segments.


This project, initiative of the local government, is aimed at companies in the category of Made in Italy and Italian lifestyle with the objective of creating an international tourist destination where Italian products, hospitality and services will be center stage and they will enjoy privileged access to a considerable pool of consumers.

Role of Chic

Mandated by the local government, Chic is responsible for the research and involvement of international companies and to facilitate their placement within the project, guaranteeing special policies and operational support in the initial phase.

It is also in charge of supporting the subjects involved for the strategic planning phase and facilitating all public relations operations between government subjects and businesses, through the organization of delegations and visits both on site and abroad. Chic works as general contractor to supervise and manage the project, especially in its operational phases.