Located at the center of the Mediterranean Sea, Italy is a strategic gateway for trade between Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, as well as a primary hub that links southern, central and eastern European regions.
As the first member of the G7 to join the Belt & Road Initiative and sign an MoU with China on March 23, 2019, Italy stands at the forefront of bilateral cooperation among Europe & China in fields of logistics, infrastructures, transportation, trade, and finance.

Furthermore, since recently international market approach became more regionalized, global companies are localizing part of their production and services in Europe to keep their global market shares unchanged and guarantee long-term sustainable growth.
In this context, Chic Italia aims to help you create your European base in Italy, leverage your products and business, and support trade and investment initiatives in order to carry forward the spirit of Sino-Italian Belt and Road Initiative.

We build your strategy.

Project Validation

Valuing opportunities and risks from specific data to validate an investment project is an essential step to effectively achieve business goals and succeed in the European market.  How big it truly is, the market trends, how to reach your prospects, competitors and trade structure to get started.

In order to discover your European market inside-out, our team will work closely with you to conduct research tailored to the needs of your company.

We can investigate the feasibility of the planned work within the given project environment from market validation and entry, to launching your first solution in Europe, and advise you on legal and regulatory requirements, rules on market access, competitors and market analysis.

• Market research and assessment
• EU standards policy advisory  
• Italy local execution and operational advise

We speak the language.
We know the market.

Marketing & Branding

Attracting international target audiences to expand business abroad requires active promotional activities across multiple channels which differ from the Chinese Social Media Ecosystem.

Our team supports the promotion of Chinese companies, as well as of municipalities or cities, through offline and online touchpoints. 

To build an effective presence, we link you to already well-established European companies, always maintaining the uniqueness of your brand.

Website development & Search engine optimization
Social Media marketing (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)
International promotion: Marketing campaigns & Events
• Company brochure, logo design and marketing materials
• Documents translation and review

We create your network.

Business Matchmaking

The establishment of new business relationships between different players both at private and institutional levels is key to grow and expand in international markets.

Thanks to our extensive pool of networks, our team and experts are able to assist Chinese companies in finding right European partners that match with specific business goals.

• Facilitating public-private partnerships
• Arranging online and offline meetings with local stakeholders to present your business/project
• Providing logistical support such as transportation and interpretation to facilitate the meetings
• Participation in Industry Fairs and exhibitions
• Organizing B2G/B2B matchmaking & networking events
• Organizing overseas delegations visits from Europe to China and vice-versa
• Communication & follow-up assistance

We boost your

Local Execution & Consolidation

Settle your business onsite to expand and strengthen your digital and physical presence in Europe. 
We can identify the best soft-landing solution that fits with your business target and assist you in developing a local presence and network throughout the territory.
• Company Set up 
• Local regulation & TAX advisory
Logistics support
HR sourcing
• Identification of new channels for medium and long term growth

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