As the Group operational headquarters in Europe, Chic Italia lies on its cross-cultural team & third-party specialists with the necessary combination of expertise to offer tailor-made solutions to European companies pursuing business development and internationalization objectives in China.

Whether you are just starting your go-to-market process, already have an established overseas presence, are building an internal team or need full external support, Chic Italia can guide you through the acquisition of the right tools to succeed within your sector.

We can assist you throughout the process in understanding and managing cultural and communication differences from a western point of view, while building exclusive institutional and business relationships, assessing the market and adjusting key value propositions & branding message according to the local market.

We build your

Project Validation

Prove out and validate your project to identify and capture
the most valuable and meaningful insights from data and turn
them into your competitive advantages.

With research tailored to the needs of your company, our team
will work closely with you to discover your Chinese market
in order to achieve your business goals.

We can investigate the feasibility of the planned work within the
given project environment from market validation and entry, to
launching your first solution in China, and advise you on legal and
regulatory requirements, rules on market access, competitors and
market analysis.

• Market research & assessment
• Market entry strategy
• China local execution and operational advise

We speak the language.
We know the market.


Entering a new and complex market like China requires building
trust and that takes a deep understanding of the local culture and
marketplace in order to be successful in selling your products,
services or technology.

Our team assists international companies in redefining their
communication efforts and in creating compelling storytelling
specifically designed for the Chinese audience, while
maintaining the brand’s identity.

• Brand materials localization & adjustment to Chinese audience
• Website for the Chinese market
• Social media and digital marketing
• Online and offline key-trade fairs and events

We create your

Business Matchmaking

Relationships are the key success factor. Thanks to our extensive
network, we are able to assist selected companies in finding the
right partners that match with business goals, both at the
institutional and business level.
China is an enormous country with lots of potential customers,
yet growing sales and sourcing networks can be a challenging path.
Our experts will help you step by step to identify and engage with
your prospective partners in China.

• Arranging online and offline meetings with local stakeholders to
present your business/project
• Providing logistic support such as transportation and interpretation
to facilitate the meetings
• Monitoring feedback, follow up and giving practical recommendation
• Introducing local government agencies and local policies
• Facilitating public-private partnerships
• Organizing B2G/B2B matchmaking & networking events
• Organizing overseas delegations visits from China to Europe and vice-versa.

We boost your

Local Execution & Consolidation

Whether you want to establish a digital or a physical presence in
China, having the right information to identify reliable business
partners is of utmost importance.

We can identify the best soft-landing solution that fits with your
business target and assist you in developing a local presence
and network throughout the territory.

• China company set up
• China policy advisory & documents assistance
• Identification of new channels for medium
and long term growth
• Manpower services to represent companies
during the startup phase

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