About Us

Chic Italia is the operational headquarters in Italy of Chic Group, a leading international company operating in the real estate sector, business consultancy and brand management.

Chic, founded in 2009 in China by the visionary entrepreneur Helen Tu, in the early stages focuses mainly on commercial real estate solutions for private and state-owned companies in China.

Chic quickly consolidated its presence opening branches in several provinces of the country: Shanghai, Xi’an, Nanjing, Chongqing, Ningbo and Tianjin. Recently Chic broadened its core business to respond to the needs of local government agencies by proving support to their urbanization plans, including large scale real estate projects, by providing turn-key solutions that include strategic planning to attract revenues generating businesses, leasing services, business & brand development, and project management.

Over the years, Chic Group has successfully conducted leasing operations for a large number of commercial spaces and in 2017 decided to establish in Milan, Chic Italia as its European headquarters to strengthen its role as facilitator of international cooperation projects between Italy and China. One of the group’s most important operating offices is located in Xi’an, a city of international resonance being the opposite pole in Rome on the Silk Road and the heart of the Belt and Road Initiative. The presence of Chic in Xi’an also aims to promote “Made in Italy” and the Italian lifestyle in the context of the strong growth of the North-western market of China.